We’ve created a map of local parks and trails where you can go for a walk or run. Some are easy; others provide a challenge.
Our hope is that you will take advantage of these resources and develop a more active lifestyle!
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Peacedale Preserve

Peacedale Preserve, Landenberg PA

How to use this map:

  • Green = easyGreen icon = Easy trail. Paved or even terraine, little to no incline.
    Orange = ModerateOrange icon = Moderate trail. May have uneven terrain and some inclines.
    Mauve = ChallengingMauve icon = Challenging trail. Has uneven, unpaved terrain, steep inclines.
    Blue = no data yetBlue icon = Stone Run has not visited this site to collect data yet.

  • Click the menu icon on the upper-left corner to display a list of all the locations.
  • Click an item on the list or an icon on the map to show detailed information and photos of a location.
  • Access this map on your smartphone with the Google Maps app, and utilize your phone's GPS for directions to each site.


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Questions? Comments?

Have a story to tell about your hike, know of another local trail not listed, or have an update about these trails? Contact us at trails@jkwmd.com. (Please use this email for correspondence about this trails project only; do not use it to correspond regarding your health information. )

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